A Propos de Financieb Loan

The high cost of credit, difficulties in obtaining loans from financial institutions in more demanding times of crisis, but also the face of declining performance of traditional savings products, an alternative has recently appeared in Europe worldwide: the loan between individuals.


It is through this authorized website to set financier and borrower contact, better rates for both sides (lower than the highest bank rates for the borrower yields of traditional investment products for the lender) and without intermediaries and marketing banks. A form of small consumer loans, for a specific project (buying a car, work, self-business project ...), 3, 4 or 5 years.


- The 'Financieb Loan' platform has been approved by the banks of the European Union in September 2011 and has already raised nine million dollars.
- Financieb Loan is also a site that finance professional projects. The borrower presents its activity. Lenders ask him questions, and then decide to lend him money or not.     
- Loan lends Financieb 200,000 to 1,000,000 dollars per month. The phenomenon is still very marginal, well below the $ 90 billion borrowed by individuals each month from banks.


Benefits for lenders and borrowers are clear:
- For borrowers, it is an alternative to banks and credit agencies which are very demanding in terms of security, in terms of long response time and expensive with the application of bank charges. Via this website loans between particular borrower presents his project, if the investor is attracted, he can immediately decide to lend and support the project of the borrower.
- For lenders, pay rates are higher than the rate of return on savings accounts offered by conventional banks (up to 6.5% per year). And that is a safer investment than the stock market solution. The rationality of the consumer remains present with a financial benefit for each party.


However, lenders need to be secure in their placement with an organization that provides them with real guarantees:
- The approval of the Bank of France, the partnership with financial institutions and experts to assess the risk of default by the borrower: the organization shall ensure that the customer will pay and is not indebted
- The system of risk pooling: the guarantee of a minimum return on investment


More than those who are struggling to finance itself via the traditional system, this job attracts those who reject the financial system and have lost confidence in the banks. These individuals want to move away from the traditional banking system profits of alternatives that allow them to participate in the real economy, to invest in projects "people like them."


This phenomenon is at the crossroads of heavy societal trends in recent years, exacerbated by the economic crisis:
- Bypassing intermediaries and brands move towards a direct relationship with the owners.
- Want more control, monitoring, illustrated for example by the claim "my banker is me"
- But also to recreate communities, human ties.

These trends, the institute 'Financieb Loan' has seen them emerge. The loan owner perfectly illustrates the tensions between research and direct human connection and the need for reassurance that only an institution can guarantee between the desire to return to base (the primary function of credit) and the gain involved in any financial transaction.